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We Work Hard To Provide You The Janitorial Supplies And Products Your Facility Needs.

At Clean As A Whistle! LLC we provide quality assurance and implement excellence through 23 years of business. We have provided services to all types of companies including private, state, federal, and municipalities. Utilizing a combination of part time, full-time staff, and proven team cleaning methods. Through that experience we have expanded into janitorial supply sales and will bring that same level of quality assurance to our new clients.

Our Team

Our main goal as a company is to build sustainable relationships with like-minded companies. We do this by providing them with safe, professionally maintained, and stocked facilities that each building’s staff can be proud of. This is our administrative team’s main goal and foundational mantra.


Nita Torres

Founder- Majority Member


Nick Torres Sr.


Nick Torres Jr.



Ashlie Wiles


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